OMG!!! Another Kitchen Sink in Powhatan Springs — June 8, 2019 Clean-up

Had a very successful clean-up with the help of Arlington’s Boy Scouts’ Troop 141 in Powhatan Springs Saturday morning.  The Scouts, who thankfully had contacted us to volunteer to do conservation work in our neighborhood, stacked cut-up downed trees and brush to create homes for wildlife and hauled out another load of trash and debris.  New dump grounds were uncovered towards the eastern end of the park yielding yet another sink, plus some super heavy cast iron piping, plus other left overs dating back many years, including a 1951 Virginia license plate (anybody missing one?).  Big thanks to the Scouts!! 

Our efforts to restore Powhatan Springs will continue.  Bill Browning of ARMN is scheduling regular events to clear out invasives and trash and working with Arlington County’s PRC to do some replanting with native species.  I will keep forwarding his e-mails, but feel free to get on his list directly so you don’t miss an event.

From Right to Left – Troop 141 and the Kitchen Sink

Laying Pipe

Does this belong to you?