Wilson Boulevard

At the June 2016 BMCA general meeting the association charged the BMCA president with establishing a committee to determine the will of the association on Wilson Blvd. The association has established a list of priorities and then conducted a vote to weight the priorities. The following documents have been sent to the county transportation office. A public meeting to review the Wilson concept plan will be held on Monday, Dec 5 from 7-9  at the Church of the Brethren.


Weighted Priorities

Draft Priorities


NCP Wilson Recommendations



Committee members:

Matt Smith – Chair (non-voting)
Josh Handler – Member
Tony Ermovick – Member

Key Dates

Oct 24 BMCA General Meeting
– 7-9 PM
– Church of the Brethren
Plan voting and draft priorities discussion
– Voting on the BMCA Wilson Blvd. Position Plan
– Discussion on the draft, unranked, priorities
Oct 14 – Nov 3
– BMCA Listserv
Virtual Priorities Conversation
– Discussion on the draft, unranked, priorities
Nov 2 Priorities Conversation
– 7-9 PM
– Arlington Community Church
Priorities Conversation
– Discussion on the draft, unranked, priorities
Nov 7 – Nov 13 Priorities Ranking
– Electronic voting on priorities
– Paper ballots on request
– Per BMCA bylaws, only paid members may vote
Dec 5 concept design meeting
– 7-9 PM
– Location TBA
Review of concept design
– Provide feedback to county transportation staff
Apr 5 2017  Feedback meeting
– 5-7 PM
– Ashlawn
Review of final design
– Provide feedback to county transportation staff

Provide your feedback

The committee is seeking feedback on the draft plan prior to the association voting on the plan at the October 24 2016 general meeting. Please send any suggestions or questions to Matt Smith

Plan Summary

Plan Details

Plan Notes

FINAL unweighted Priorities

We discussed the priorities at the October 24, 2016 General Meeting where one change was made, Speed on Wilson was moved from being under vehicle safety to a separate priority. The final version is below.

In addition, the BMCA Neighborhood Conservation Plan (NCP) has several recommendations relating to Wilson. While the NCP is not in scope of this project and we cannot change these recommendations at this time, they will be sent to county transportation staff along with our 2016 priorities.

FINAL unweighted Priorities

BMCA Recommendations on Wilson from the Neighborhood Conservation Plan

Additional Background Information

Arlington County Government page on the Wilson project

Data report after the 2015 restriping ‘demonstration project’

Key findings from the demonstration project

  • Traffic volumes have remained consistent
  • Traffic speeds through the project area have slightly decreased
  • Cut‐through traffic has not increased as a result of this project
  • Travel times have increased slightly in the peak direction along the project segment
  • Travel times have decreased slightly in the off‐peak directions along the project segment
  • There has been no significant change in the accident rate

Radar Monitoring Data