Rt 50 Shoulder Beautification and Restoration Update and Next Steps – Improve all of Rt 50? (in Arlington)

The trees we planted on the Rt. 50 Shoulder are growing in nicely.  It is a good mix of the smallest ones we purchased from Earth Sangha, slightly larger ones we received free through the Arlington County tree give away in conjunction with Tree Stewards, and the one largest ones we purchased from Great Outdoors of Falls Church, who also did the planting.

Now that the County finally started work on the Manchester and Rt. 50 corner, we can think about our next steps for restoring and beautifying the area.  Later this fall, we hope to pick up a few more saplings from Tree Stewards as part of the Arlington County free tree giveaway program to plug some gaps in the screen in the central, untouched portion of the shoulder, and clear some invasives while we are there.  We also could turn-up ground in the area we planted with trees and create a butterfly garden while the trees are still small and there is plenty of sun.  The BMCA board recently sent a letter to the County Board thanking them for supporting Tree Stewards and proposing that the County, State, civic and/or educational organizations work together to restore and beautify the Rt. 50 corridor, putting in some butterfly gardens along the way, like what the State of Maine is considering.