Powhatan Springs May 7, 2016 Clean-up – A Success – Again

Generating some post-Earth Day momentum, our BMCA, Arlington Master Naturalists, and Skaters for Arlington Skate Park volunteers pulled a pile of newly sprouted invasives — particularly garlic mustard — and hauled out a considerable amount of trash. Thankfully, the weather held and the moist ground made it that much easier to pull up the plants.

A forensic analysis of the trash suggests the park was and perhaps remains a favored place to have a beer plus served as a dumping ground at some point for farm or construction materials. Park Rangers take note and keep an eye out for those that are taking a sip let alone not carrying their trash out! We will also approach the County about getting some help to haul out the heavier materials. The effort to restore the woodland should involve cleaning out the construction debris, too, if it is not of historical or archeological value and somehow needs to be preserved in place!

With the weather getting warm, next visit most likely be in the fall after the chill weather moderates the insect activity.

Thanks to all who came!



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