BMCA Neighborhood Conservation project for Bluemont Park approved at May 2 neighborhood meeting

The Boulevard Manor Civic Association (BMCA) held a meeting on May 2, 2016 to review the final plans for our priority Neighborhood Conservation project for Bluemont Park.  Kathy von Bredow, RLA, Arlington County Parks and Recreation, presented the final design details of our NC project for our review and formal approval.

NC Project for Bluemont Park – proposed scope

NC project for Bluemont Park – slide 2

NC project for Bluemont Park slide 3

NC project for Bluemont Park slide 4

I am pleased to report that a quorum of the BMCA membership was present and the following resolution was approved unanimously:

Boulevard Manor Resolution to Approve Neighborhood Conservation Project for Bluemont Park

 The Boulevard Manor Civic Association approves the Neighborhood Conservation Project for Bluemont Park as presented at the BMCA meeting on May 2, 2016.

This NC project is a multi-year program that will:

  • Restore the natural woodland area in Bluemont Park (in the area west of Four Mile Run between Carlin Springs Road, Arlington Boulevard and the south parking lot and continuing south across 1st Street N to Arlington Boulevard) by working in partnership with park staff, using a contractor for removal of invasive plant species, conducting a comprehensive survey of the flora and fauna, planting native plant species, encouraging and protecting wildlife diversity, and creating a nature trail with plant identification markers, and installing benches and some fencing to protect the natural area from the actively used disc golf course.
  • Provide safe pedestrian access to the playground, woodland area, and nature trail, by building sidewalk along the entrance roadway for the parking lot at N. Manchester Street and 4th Street N. to connect with the paved park trail.
  • Install historical signage on the Reeves Farm property.

Next steps:

June 2016 – The NC project will be brought to the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee for approval and recommendation to the County Board for funding

August 2016 The County Board will vote for funding the recommended NC projects from current, available bond-funded NC funds.

Please contact Phil Klingelhofer at if you have questions.