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Spring 2017 Wilson Changes

In December of 2016 BMCA send a letter county transportation office reflecting our fall prioritization work (see the Wilson Boulevard page for details). Shortly after BMCA members attended at county presentation on the planned spring 2017 Wilson changes, providing feedback in alignment with the BMCA priorities.  According to county staff officials: “County staff are incorporating community feedback

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2017 BMCA Membership Drive

2017 membership renewals are due this month. Please make your renewal payment today. If you are not a member, please join us. See details below. Membership dues and additional contributions from members are the sole source of funding for BMCA activities. These dues pay for popular activities such as the picnic, ice cream social and

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Wilson Position Process

At the June 2016 BMCA general meeting the association charged the BMCA president with establishing a committee to determine the will of the association on Wilson Blvd. Our timing is perfect because the county is preparing to perform some additional adjustments to Wilson in the spring. The Wilson Committee page on the BMCA site has

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Presentation from Reid Goldstein

On October 10, 2016  School Board member Reid Goldstein spoke with us about the upcoming high school boundary change process. Approximately 50 people attended the presentation. There was a good dialog and exchange of ideas and concerns. Mr. Goldstein also stayed after to answer questions one-on-one. Here’s a copy of the presentation Mr. Goldstein used.

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BMCA General Meeting

Please join us for our next BMCA General Meeting on Monday, June 22 at 7:00 p.m. at the Arlington Church of the Brethren, 300 N Montague Street. Guest speakers include: Arlington County Board Member John Vihstadt. Mr. Vihstadt will discuss what’s going on in the county government as well as neighborhood issues.  A representative of

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County posts FAQs on Reevesland

In response to widespread community interest in the County’s recent decision to put the historic Reeves farmhouse up for sale to a buyer who will be required to preserve its historic integrity, Arlington County Government has developed an FAQ, now available on the County website.

English Ivy

Be on the look for English Ivy that can Choke and Kill Trees What looks like a lovely little green plan can actually strangle trees, accelerate rot, attract mosquitoes and cause mature trees to fall down during storms. Thankfully we as a community can fight back! Protect your trees, landscaping investments and home by cutting

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