Powhatan Springs February 2018 Clean-up – More Trash and Invasives

The below write up from ARMN, who was there today along with BMCA and the skateboarders. I think we are taking it out faster than it is coming in, but we will have to keep at it. ARMN has proposed more dates over the next few months.  See the end of their message below.
Thanks to all who made it!

To Friends of Powhatan Springs,

Even though the temperature was relatively mild this afternoon, the ground was very wet and I truly appreciate the nine (yes, 9) people who came out to lend a hand to help rehabilitate this park. I particularly appreciate our new friends of Powhatan Springs (Julia and Amanda) and our young skateboarding assistant (Leo), who made a solid effort in picking up the trash that’s been gathering. 

No one found our red salamander, yet. And the skunk cabbage has not burst forth.

We did make some modest progress in tackling the pervasive vines on the forest floor, hopefully enabling some of the native seedbank come alive.

I look forward to seeing everyone out at one of our upcoming events (Monday, March 26, 10am-noon; Sunday, April 22, 2-4pm; Monday, May 21, 10am-noon; and Sunday, June 24, 2-4pm).