Board sends letter to County Board requesting community process for changes to Bluemont Park baseball field

The Board of Directors of the Boulevard Manor Civic Association sent a letter to the Arlington County Board today asking the County Board to rescind its decision to build a permanent, fully-fenced-in baseball diamond at Bluemont Park until the project can be thoroughly vetted by the adjacent communities and the relevant advisory commissions.   Permanently fencing off over a quarter of the open field at Bluemont Park is a drastic action that deserves the full “Arlington Way” treatment.  In violation of the “Arlington Way,” the decision was made with no input from the community and was hidden on the County Board’s Consent Agenda with no notice to the County Board of the drastic change it proposed making to Bluemont Park.

The complete letter can be found here: Bluemont Park ballfield renovation – letter to County Board from BMCA

Information about renovation plan can be found here: