Beautification Progress

Beautification Committee – Some more progress on beautifying and tidying up the neighborhood is being made.   Upton Hill Park finally finished covering the small hillside with grass at the entrance to the park and our neighborhood at Wilson Blvd. and Livingston St a few weeks ago.  The grass plus the small retaining wall will greatly reduce the erosion in the area and have greatly improved the area’s appearance.  Please send your thanks to the park manager Yahya Abdul-Qaadir at  I am sure he would appreciate it.  Moreover, we will be reapproaching him to do more work on the slopes further within the park and along sidewalk as they need some work as well.


Livingston and Wilson Before    Livingston and Wilson After

Our weather delayed February Presidents birthday’s invasive cleaning in Powhatan Spring Park took place on March 28.  The weather was brisk but some Duncan donuts and coffee made it bearable.   Our neighborhood team cleaned vines off many of the remaining trees in preparation for the anticipated work this summer by the County to do the ground level invasives removal which will help restore the natural beauty of the back part of Powhatan Spring Park.

With progress being made in these two areas, the Beautification committee is returning its attention to the Rt. 50 should project.  Phil Klingelhofer kindly arranged a walk through with the County arborist on May 20th.  Those of us along learned much about the trees and bushes in the area and what would be best to plant there.   We are working on a budget so we can plan to clear and replant over the next few years.   One of the neighbors by the access road came out and expressed a lot of enthusiasm for the project.  With this kind of interest and support, we hope to get going by the fall tree planting season.